Sue Griese — 2016


I have always had a strong desire to make functional forms in clay and the experiences I have had while traveling have been a large influence in my work. As a teenager i lived in East Pakistan until the Bangladesh war started; I had just arrived in Japan when the Kobe earthquake happened. Experiencing the rebuilding of communities from nothing drives home the necessity of useful objects in our lives, and has encouraged me in the production of functional ware. My travels and studies of pottery have also included time spent in Mexico, India, Japan, Turkey, Thailand and New Zealand. In the winter of 2005 I was a resident artist at The Northern Polytechnic in New Zealand at two pottery studios, located in Whangarei and Kerikeri.

The main mentors in my life have been Jack Sures (Regina), who introducted me to clay in the early 80′s and Les Manning (Alberta), who shared his teaching philosophy with me. The relationship I have with clay has always involved working as a teacher, educating others about the importance of form and function in pottery. I have been teaching pottery for over 25 years in schools, colleges and community centers.

I work out of a community studio where I do low fire earthenware and medium fire porcelain pieces. Clay provides a wonderful tactile expression which is very therapeutic. Living with epilepsy, I find the potters wheel helps to create focus and centers my energy.


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