Tosso Paintings — 2016

Anna Tosso loves creative expresion and capturing the excitement in everyday moments. Her portraits try to capture the fun in busy lives. Her landscapes recreate nature’s beauty. She works primarily in chalk pastels (like Degas used) and acrylics.   

The Word on Nature — 2016

        I am a wife and Mom to 6 kids. I love working with wood and putting smiles on peoples’ faces when I get their custom order just right! Facebook: Thewordonnature

Leah Schell — 2016

      I am a painter who uses watercolour and acrylic in k to capture furred, feathered, and finned creatures of our world and those residing in the faerie realm. Website:

Hip Navy Beads — 2016

   As the daughter of a Navy Officer and a self proclaimed Hippie, it was just natural for me to grow up creative. My Dad loved to do ropework and my Mom loved to garden and paint. I have transferred all of their loves as well as many of my own into my work. I…

Simply Delish Soups — 2016

   Welcome to “HEALTHY EATING MADE EASY”…I’m going to make your life a lot easier, and healthier:)  My name is Paulette Hawkings and I “LOVE TO COOK”.  It isn’t just the cooking, but the anticipation of family and friends sitting down together and enjoying a good meal and sharing the events of the day.  We…

Goat and Pebble — 2016

   Handmade Art, Craft and Design by Molly Gray Molly Gray is an artist located in Fort Langley BC. She works in many mediums, and this year’s AOTF she will have limited edition hand pressed prints and cards, along with original watercolour paintings. To see more of her recent works, follow her on Instagram at:…

Gigglestuff Handmade — 2016

Graduate from the graphic design department at Emily Carr College and many years working in the design industry, Marlene now enjoys her time with her hubby and daughter, designing dolls, bike bags and playing the ukulele. She will have a selection of handmade crocheted dogs, cats and bunnies, as well as bike bags. Follow her…

Smits and Co.w Farm Cheese — 2016

   Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese is a family owned and operated dairy farm and cheese processing business in the Fraser Valley. Our Cows are pastured at least half of the year and their milk is pumped through a stainless steel pipe system straight to the processing facility where it is then pasteurized and made…

Michael Hamilton-Clark — 2016

   I am a retired Civil Engineer. I work out of my Albery Studio named for my three grandsons: Alex, Ben and Ryan. My principal activity is turning wood – bowls, plates, boxes, pens, bottle stoppers, spinning tops, mushrooms, pendants and more. I also create digital art and am an avid photographer.