Alice in Giggleland — 2015


Alice in Wonderland + Amigurumis = LOVE

It started when I was a child, I was fascinated by John Tenniel’s illustrations for “Alice Through the Looking Glass”… I couldn’t figure out the drawings, why were they so weird? Why was that person’s head so big? Why was Alice’s neck so long? Do I like these pictures? I dunno…

Fast forward to present times (many, many years later — let’s not go into the details of how many years), I learned to crochet in 2006. I was “hooked”. I created many dolls for friends, opened up my first shop (Gigglestuff), sold patterns, but always dormant in the back of my mind, was Alice in Wonderland. This shop is dedicated to all things Alice in Wonderland. I hope you find something you like.

Do visit often, as I love feedback and custom work. I am always working on new ideas, and will try to post items as soon as I can.

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