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Kristen Sturch — 2015

   Kristen Sturch Inspired Marker Earth without art is just ‘eh’”. Art moves me. It fills me. It makes me happy. It’s my outlet, and my release. I love drawing and creating. I love being able to share this passion with others. The desire and need to fill ‘white space’ has been with me since…

Michael Hamilton-Clark — 2015

I am a retired Civil Engineer. I work out of my Albery Studio named for my three grandsons: Alex, Ben and Ryan. My principal activity is turning wood – bowls, plates, boxes, pens, bottle stoppers, spinning tops, mushrooms, pendants and more. I also create digital art and am an avid photographer.

Mountain Hi Soapworks — 2015

Milk of all kinds has long been known as a rejuvenator and moisturizer of human skin and goat milk has always been the most acceptable of all milks for people with sensitive digestion – this is also true when it is used externally. Many people report that they can use only goat milk soap (and…

Jordanka Yaretz — 2015

Original acrylic paintings of mysterious trees, whimsical scenes of children playing in the snow and vibrant abstract compositions by unicef artist Jordanka Yaretz.

Sue Griese — 2015

I have always had a strong desire to make functional forms in clay and the experiences I have had while traveling have been a large influence in my work. As a teenager i lived in East Pakistan until the Bangladesh war started; I had just arrived in Japan when the Kobe earthquake happened. Experiencing the…

Red Bird Beads — 2015

In 2009 I took a glass bead lampworking class with Ania Kyte of Turtle Beads in Mission, BC, and my desire to ”create a million beads” was born. I’m the owner of Red Bird Beads and spend many hours a week at the torch, perfecting my technique, experimenting with color and simply loving the feeling…

Welcome Friends

Welcome to our artsy, family-filled, and always friendly Art on the Farm event! We are local artists and vendors showcasing a high level of handmade goods. We would love to meet you and talk with you. Aw shucks, we’re just happy to have you hang out with us! Join us this year on Saturday, August…

Art Mural

     There’s always an art event going on at Art on the Farm. Last summer, every visitor was invited to paint something on our giant mural. This year…. you will have to come out and see for yourself!