Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese

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Smits & Co.w Farm Cheese is a family owned and operated dairy farm and cheese processing business in the Fraser Valley. Our Cows are pastured at least half of the year and their milk is pumped through a stainless steel pipe system straight to the processing facility where it is then pasteurized and made into our delicious gouda style cheeses, quark and cheese curds. We also use milk from a local goat herd to produce several flavours of goat cheese! After processing, spending some time in the brine bath and drying, the cheeses are coated and allowed to age. Two to three months later they are ready to be sold as mild cheese and packaged as needed for our own retail store and other wholesale locations.

Next time you are in Chilliwack feel free to stop by and taste all of our cheese flavours for yourself!

For store hours and more info. please visit

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